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Digital Eye Strain and COVID-19
Protect Your Eyes with Blue Light Glasses

Even before the pandemic, the amount of time we spend in front screens has been growing by double digits every year, the more screen time we endure, the more artificial blue light we are exposed to. Thanks to Covid-19, our work & social lives have moved almost entirely online in 2020, which means even more blue light exposure.

Protect your eyes by adding blue light blocking to your prescription glasses, or get nonprescription blue light glasses that is suitable for anyone. These lenses reduce eye fatigue and sleep disruption associated with overexposure to high-energy blue light from digital devices like your phone, computer and television.

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Advance Opticians has been providing optimum care, service, quality, professionalism and technology to our customers since 1980. We welcome you as well as your family and friends to experience how our quality eyewear and courteous services create a positive impact on your  vision. We offer eyewear solutions for every individual need, with affordability in mind. Our inventory consists of an extensive array of frames, featuring the latest styles, designer fashion brands, sunglasses and sportswear. We are known for our selection which we are proud of and it has been an integral part of our success. 


Constantly paying attention to trends and emerging brands, Advance Opticians personally works with well-respected individuals in the fashion industry for new inspirations. Our high-quality glasses are fashion-forward and vintage inspired, making them as much a chic accessory as they are a means to correct vision.


From personalized solutions to our in-house lab edging services, we offer  all types of single vision, bifocal or progressive (no-line) lenses with add-on options such as AR coating and transition lenses made exact to your prescription. We fabricate your lenses in high definition digital form to help you see your best.


At Advance Opticians, your opinion and feedback matter. We love our customers, and our customers love us.